What Lean Really Means

Posted by Samuel Ibrahim, Jr. on Mon, Jul 02, 2012

You may be hearing a lot lately about Lean Manufacturing. It’s a buzz phrase that many companies love to advertise; “Lean-friendly” and “Lean-optimized” are also popular variations. Lean manufacturing can be summarized as more value with less work, saving the customer or the manufacturer money. Goals include increased quality and decreased time, costs, and waste.

While it is a valuable concept, it isn’t always achieved as advertised. While many machinery manufacturers and suppliers are quick to say that they are Lean, based on possessing the latest equipment and/or embracing the philosophy, if they don’t have a staff dedicated to and trained in this concept, with the know-how to program and operate this machinery efficiently, then they aren’t truly Lean. The cost of this latest equipment may end up being more than the savings. Furthermore, certain materials can only be worked on up to certain machining speeds, so no matter how good the equipment, efficiency is limited.

What it really comes down to is knowing the most effective ways to operate your business. Updating programming, correctly training and hiring the best technicians, and implementing the smartest methods can and often do prove to be “Leaner” practices than simply buying the latest equipment. At Helander Spinning Company, we have a tradition of excellence dating back to 1936. We consider ourselves experts in our industry and services, and we are more focused on doing it right than on buzz words. The proof is in our results and reputation, and we are proud to continue this focus on true quality that speaks for itself.

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