Helander and Union Station

Posted by Samuel Ibrahim, Jr. on Tue, Sep 04, 2012

Chicago’s Union Station
 has been a Windy City landmark since 1925. Located just outside of the famed Chicago Loop, it takes up almost 9 ½ city blocks and is the hub of all train travel in and out of the city. Recently, we were approached with the unique opportunity to work on a very interesting project for the station. The owners decided that in order to increase security at the station, it would be a good idea to install concrete barriers to keep trucks from coming too close to the building.

Helander Blog8Instead of just slapping up those ugly Jersey barriers that you’ve probably seen around, officials came up with the idea to adorn them with light towers that would be both decorative and secure. To do so, they hired us to manufacture custom steel lighting covers to top these safety/light towers, making them blend in with the overall neoclassical style of the station, which in turn will please both commuters and officials. Using our advanced custom metal spinning, Helander was able create the perfect light covers for each tower and because we used high quality steel, the covers will resist rusting and last for a long time to come. Starting this month, if you live in the Chicago area or will be passing through the station, you can check them out for yourself.

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