How Metal Stampers are saving big bucks with Helander

Posted by Samuel Ibrahim, Jr. on Wed, Oct 24, 2012

At Helander, nothing makes us happier than doing great work that saves our customers money. Recently we’ve discovered a new production niche that has been bringing us tons of new and repeat customers. It seems that metal stamping facilities often face a dilemma. One of their clients might come to them requesting a short run or prototype of a new project.  For the metal stamper this can be a giant headache, because it is often cost-prohibitive for them set all their machinery up to do small jobs. If they take the risk and don’t get the big project, they are out time and a lot of money. The solution? Going to Helander for metal spinning and hydroforming services that you can’t get elsewhere.

Metal stampers come to companies like Helander because we have the ability to spin or hydroform their short run orders (usually around 1,000 pieces) at a significant savings. How significant? How does 90% less sound? Our processes allow for metal stampers from all over the world to remove the risk of low volume production from their minds.  Instead, they can go ahead, and if they land the big contract, they often will be looking at orders of a million pieces or more.

It’s a pretty sweet deal for both sides, and it’s why so many metal stampers are subcontracting metal spinners and hydroformers like Helander. So if you’re a metal stamper, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how we can save you lots on your short-run projects.     

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