Helander Keeps It In the Family

Posted by Samuel Ibrahim, Jr. on Mon, Nov 26, 2012

Helander Blog10Doing business with Helander Spinning, you learn pretty quickly that we are among the millions of family-owned businesses (FOBs) that keep sectors from manufacturing to retail operating smoothly. Our status as a FOB is so ingrained into our culture that you can’t help but notice it. In many ways, the history of family-owned businesses reflects the history of America, and succession through generations provides a link to the earlier days of a business, an industry, and a nation. Succession is just one part of FOB ownership, however (and one that we’ll explore further in future blogs). Other important considerations include dealing with changing industries and trends, keeping family and business separate, and managing nonfamily stakeholders.

Helander’s Dr. Siham Ibrahim talks about all of this and more in her new book, Keep It In the FamilyBy drawing on expertise not only as the CFO and part-owner of Helander, but also as a consultant with countless other FOBs, Dr. Ibrahim uses time-tested experience and methods to explain best practices of FOB operations. Whether you are a first generation owner exploring succession plans, or a second- or third-generation family member seeking to improve everyday process, you’re sure to find Keep It In the Family useful. Click here to purchase.

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